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Coach / kohch / - noun

1. a passionate, dedicated individual who unlocks hidden potential and maximises one's performance by believing, encouraging, developing and supporting.

Whilst I don’t just work with business owners, having experience in this area gives me an understanding of the unique challenges business owners face. Having somebody to sound out ideas with makes being a business owner so much less lonely.

You’ve got this far on your own but if you’ve found yourself lacking energy, enthusiasm or feel like you just don’t know what to do next, I can help.

I spent 20 years' building a business from the ground up and sold it. There may be something you’re struggling with right now that I haven’t seen or felt but I doubt it. I’ve struggled with my confidence, second guessed my decisions and spent a long time in the same place because I lacked focus and direction. I don’t want that for you...

Mind Manoeuvres - Light bulb

Coaching with me is for you if:

  • You’re willing to answer questions openly and honestly, absorb feedback and take action
  • You want to change your life
  • You lack confidence
  • You have lots going on and need help refocusing your life, career and/or business

Coaching with me is NOT for you if:

  • You want me to sit down and write your business plan for you
  • You aren’t ready to take responsibility for your life
  • You believe you have to choose between work or home
  • You’re happy to keep going around in circles rather than ask for help

Coaching can help you discover things about yourself you didn’t know were there and also open you up to possibilities you hadn’t previously considered.

What we’ll work on together

Your definition of success

Your real goals and secret desires

Your barriers to success

Your strengths

Your personal strategy and next steps

Your mindset

How we can work together

Mind MOT

From £130.00

Whether you’re looking to solve a specific issue or want to dip your toes into coaching, the Mind MOT will help you look at what changes you want to make and your first steps to action.

Coaching isn’t therapy and these sessions aren’t for people who just want a chat. If you want to move forward with anything in your life or business that's holding you back, this one-off two hour session will help you unpick and unstick it.

With many years’ experience in problem solving, swap wasting time going around in circles (I’ve been there and done that) for strategies, focus and a positive mindset.

In the Mind MOT session, we’ll talk about where you are now, what's going on and what you wish was happening. We’ll look at what’s working right now and what’s not working. Together we’ll decide on the next right steps for you and create a simple and powerful plan for progress.

1:1 Personal Success Coaching

From £65.00 per session

For people who already know how powerful coaching is and are ready to go all in on their dreams and big, juicy goals.

Whether you’re a business owner, employed and looking for promotion or you want to overcome some personal challenges, 1:1 coaching is a transformative experience.

For real and lasting change, 1:1 coaching packages are for people who are ready to take themselves on and make real progress.

Coaching packages start at four sessions (meeting fortnightly) moving up to twelve sessions (meeting fortnightly).

All coaching packages are bespoke and designed around your goals. For more information on pricing, please get in touch.

Payment plans are available.

What my clients say

Danni is a consummate professional who approaches her coaching with empathy, compassion, warmth and humour, whilst remaining laser-focused on the job at hand, which is to get you to achieve the results you want for your business. In just 5 sessions with Danni, she was able to help me gain better clarity on the steps I needed to take to achieve incremental positive outcomes in my very new business.

M.N. Kent

My business was stagnant, I had so many ideas but struggled to put together any kind of plan. Each session we've tackled a different area of my business, and over six months we have been through all the sticking points. I've moved things forward in every single area. I now have clarity, confidence, a clear plan and business targets putting everything into place for the business I want. Incredibly liberating!

T.K. Kent

My mind felt like a jumbled mess whilst completing a course, working full time and trying to move forward with this and other areas of my life. I felt stuck and unmotivated. My sessions with Danni made me feel seen, heard and understood. I gained clarity to progress and move forward regaining a sense of normalcy in my life. She was friendly, down to earth, realistic and asks really good questions!

T.H. Sevenoaks

Having a Mind MOT with Danni gave me time to look at each aspect of my life. We talked through all the areas and the changes that I wanted to make which in turn improved my happiness and wellbeing instantly. Danni worked with me to achieve more balance in life. Following my session, I was able to depict fundamental tweaks in my everyday life which is helping me achieve what I want out of life ond enjoy the journey getting there.

P.S. Kent

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